Michael Kleinert

Michael Kleinert

software architect and experimental physicist

Personal Data
Birthday: 5th of June 1989
Nationality: German
Parents: Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Hagen Kleinert,
Dr. Annemarie Kleinert
Technical Skills: ECMAScript Node.js PHP SCSS SQL - stored procedures .NET MongoDB MySQL/MariaDB
Personal Skills: object-oriented software design relational database modeling financial markets (stocks, derivatives) nano physics solid-state physics quantum physics
Professional Activities
2020 - current: Technical Project Leader at Doc Cirrus GmbH
2019 - current: Senior Software Developer at Doc Cirrus GmbH
2017 - 2019: Lead developer (DevOps) at Fonds Advisory Fa GmbH
2013 - 2017: Research Fellow at Freie Universität Berlin
2009 - 2017: Software developer at Fonds Advisory Fa GmbH
2006: IT-Manager of the 11th Marcel Grossman conference in Berlin
2005 - 2008: Lead developer (DevOps) and founder of the browser game "ArmyWars" (discontinued after 2015)
2012 - 2017: Ph.D., Freie Universität Berlin
2010 - 2012: M.Sc., Freie Universität Berlin
2007 - 2010: B.Sc., Freie Universität Berlin
1999 - 2007: Abitur, Hildegard-Wegscheider Oberschule

publications as a software architect


Collaborative Portfolio Management Software
2017 - 2019: Fonds Advisory Fa GmbH, Berlin

"Active.Portfolio.Tools" is a collaborative web-based portfolio management software, developed under my direction at Fonds Advisory Fa GmbH in Berlin. It is designed from scratch, to be a highly flexible and scalable platform, utilizing a broad range of state-of-the-art web technologies. Providing a full-scale desktop system within the web-browser as well as local client application, it allows a team of investment experts to manage multiple portfolios simultaneously for a wide variety of clients, each with individual investment strategies.


front-end and back-end design, micro services, scalable cloud technologies, HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, NodeJS, electron.JS, relational databases


Scientific Data Analysis Software
2013 - today, Freie Universität Berlin

SpectraFox started as a tool simplifying the readability and management of data, recorded in physical experiments. No software existed for this specific purpose and type of data. The project evolved, and ended up as a full-scale data analysis platform. By now, it allows mass-treatment of data measured in different experimental setups and with machines of different manufacturers in various file formats. The usage scenario required reverse engineering of non-documented file types and efficient memory management. This led to a fast and flexible software. SpectraFox is published under an open source license.


.NET, mass data processing, data visualization, linear regression and non-linear curve fitting, multi-threaded architecture, CUDA and OpenCL parallelization, reverse engineering

Fonds Management System

Portfolio Management Software
2009 - 2017, Fonds Advisory Fa GmbH, Berlin

The "Fonds Management System" is a highly customized portfolio management software, written for the institutional investment company "Fonds Advisory Fa GmbH" in Berlin. The software is dedicated to simplify and automate repeating tasks, and to assist the fund managers in their investment decisions. Its most important feature is a framework, which ensures that all portfolios match the rules implied by the respective fund owners, by the supervising authorities, and by law.


.NET, WinForms, relational databases


2005 - 2008

The web-based multi-player game was my first project. Thousands of players were online, searching for new challenges on the battleground, or hanging around with their friends. After high school graduation in 2008, I handed the project to a friend, who continued the operation until approx. 2015.

https://army-wars.de/ (discontinued in 2008)

PHP, JavaScript, relational databases

publications as an experimental physicist

My scientific articles are published under my official pseudonym "Michael Ruby".


Dr. Michael Kleinert
Liebensteinstr. 6
14195 Berlin

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